Jolyn Overton

From co-leading the largest international dental non-profit in the world, to running one of the top (hand-built) tattoo machine companies in the U.S., Jolyn has experienced firsthand how many people can be helped when you work as a strong cohesive team. Her ability to adapt quickly as an effective leader and communicator within dentistry, has proven successful across many industries. Since 2010, Jolyn has had the pleasure of working with dentists from over 100 dental practices and artists from around the world. Including, working with dentists in Jamaica, and tattooers in Paris and Brussels. While overseas, she noticed artists respond to the same communication techniques she learned as a professional development/operations manager working for a dental consulting company in Vancouver, WA. As a business adviser, she continues to apply many of the same systems and approaches to both industries, helping dentists and artists reach their professional, cultural and financial goals.