Janice Hurley

Janice Hurley is known as Dentistry’s Image Expert for Optimal Presence and Impact. She has more than 25 years’ experience as a dental consultant helping professionals’ use the tools they have to gain higher treatment acceptance and attract quality patients. Janice is an international author and speaker on what it takes to project professional excellence and confidence so others feel it INSTANTLY. She has a BS from The University of San Francisco in Organizational Behavior. 

For the past 14 years, Janice has been recognized by Dentistry Today as a Leading Continued Education Provider. She has been a contributing author to dentistry’s major publications and textbooks for hygiene.



EVERY WOMAN deserves to feel good about herself both in and out of the office.  Experience tell me that the gift of confidence is available to all of us with a little knowledge and application.  This program looks at the top 5 aspects to forming your optimal image impact and the top 3 characteristics of women we classify as charismatic.

IT IS NOT UNCOMMON for us to get so busy in our professional lives that we lose our way personally as a woman.  What tools and attributes do you already have gong for you and which can be enhanced with a little more guidance on the subject.  As an Image Expert for professional women I know how to simplify your day to day wardrobe process and equip you with clothing and accessories that work for you as the woman you are today.   Hang on and lean in to the best year ever - you deserve it