with Haley Vilhauer, RDN, CD & Dr. Cassi Long


We now know that inflammation is the root cause of all diseases. The topics of pain, energy and sleep are ones that are directly correlated to exposures to substances both inside and outside of the body, as well as the foods we eat! With food, we can begin to work on detoxing the body and reducing chronic and acute pain. In addition, we’ll discuss the importance of identifying food intolerance's, food sensitivities and food allergies, as a key component in regulating the immune system and reducing inflammation. My goal is to teach you how to make your food work for your unique biochemistry!
In addition, Dr. Cassi Long will teach us how chiropractic care and your nervous system function play a vital role in recapturing, maintaining and improving your health. Learn how you can treat your inflammatory conditions such as TMJ, headaches andtraumas or injuries, as well as how craniosacral therapy can work to restore the central nervous system function.