Haley Vilhauer, RDN, CD

Haley Vilhauer is a Registered Dietitian (RD) Nutritionist by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from Washington State University in 2002. Since then, her professional experience includes owning/operating a full service spa and salon for 10 years where she “wore many different hats” but also worked with nutrition clients. In addition, she spent time helping own/operate a coffee shop/deli as well as her family’s consignment store, and over the last 8+ years, working as a volunteer RD at New Heights Clinic, where she counsels patients thru a variety of chronic and acute nutrition-related diseases and health challenges.

Haley married her middle-school sweetheart and now, as a mother to three food-loving (and always hungry) children, she understands firsthand the challenges that a busy life, eating on a budget and having a house full of different palates can create, in regards to healthy eating.

Outside of the countless hours spent in the kitchen each week, Haley also has a passion for fitness. As a former collegiate athlete at WSU, she gained a great appreciation for the unique dietary needs that athletes have. Although she still enjoys running, and just completed her 13th marathon, Haley has more recently become a CrossFit fanatic and thoroughly enjoys helping all types of athletes achieve their fullest potential through proper nutrition. Haley’s passion for healing individuals through proper nourishment led her to Cooper Chiropractic’s Health and Wellness Clinic in 2014, where she works with individuals and families to improve their quality of life by enjoying real, wholesome foods!