Fitness 101 for Women in Dentistry: Secrets for Comfort and Career Longevity

with Bethany Valachi


Have you tried exercise regimens, personal trainers and massage therapists, but your pain persists?  This course is for YOU!

In this interactive seminar, Dr. Valachi introduces a special system of evidence-based exercise and trigger point self-treatment interventions to help dental professionals take control of their own health and extend their careers. Attendees will actively participate in this dynamic seminar and discover muscle imbalances to which they are uniquely prone in the profession and how to select corrective therapeutic exercise.  Generic exercise routines that aren’t a problem for the general public (Pilates, yoga, P90X and Crossfit) can throw dental team members into the viscious pain cycle and must be modified.  Discover how to release painful accumulated tension in muscles with easy self-treatment strategies.

Course Objectives
Participants will learn:

  • Why dental professionals require specific exercise guidelines.
  • How to develop a customized exercise program specifically for dental professionals.
  • How to identify generic exercises that can actually create & worsen pain syndromes.
  • How to incorporate chairside stretching into their workday.
  • Self-treatment techniques for painful, ischemic muscles and trigger points.