Dr. Davina Detrik

Dr. Davina Detrik has always believed in incorporating the whole of who we are in our workplace and lifestyle. She graduated from Colorado University in 2013 and is the CEO of The Disruptive Dental Collective, a company hell-bent on combining artistry, intuition, method, and mindset into the business of dentistry.  

She has co-founded 3 successful companies in dentistry and has been a TEDx speaker on the topic of the role women play in disrupting industries.  In addition to speaking at the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, she has co-authored a cover article for The Journal of Cosmetic Dentistry.  

Her greatest strength is in following her curiosity. As a speaker and a coach, it is her truest desire to bring that mastery to others by helping them unlock their own mastery, brand, and story.