Dr. Cassi Long

Dr. Cassi graduated from the University of Western States in 2014 where she was a student ambassador, mentor and tutor to her fellow classmates.  She grew up in Olympia, Washington where she loved to explore the outdoors and play soccer. Her love of the Pacific Northwest kept her close to home in Seattle, where she attended the University of Washington. She received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry in 2007.  After graduating, Dr. Cassi took four years off to stay at home with her two children before starting graduate school.

Her love of children is motivating her to pursue her Diplomate in Pediatric and Family Wellness and she thoroughly enjoys her daily work which allows her to treat children, pregnant mothers and families.

Dr. Cassi joined Vancouver, Washington’s Cooper Chiropractic Center in July 2014 and has been an exciting addition to the team.